On our third day with education, we got a visit from Martin, who works as a lawyer at the Handikappföreningarnas samarbetsorgan, the HSO. He took up the concept of discrimination and what the Swedish law says. One by one, he talked about the seven grounds of discrimination. Martin also showed the differences between transgender and cispersons by highlighting this with a stick person, which was a very good and clear illustration. We then talked further about how discrimination can occur, both direct and indirect discrimination. Martin talked about various examples to clarify this.

Another perspective that he lifted was harassment based on grounds of discrimination, how it can be done and that it occurs in the workplace, among other things. Choice of words, ostracism, silence and more can be harassing and also expressions, remarks and unwanted physical contact (sexual harassment). We talked about the limits of harassment are set by the victim and based on the persons experience.

In the afternoon we had a project meeting where we went through and talked about the different surveys we will create for both parents and employees that will be helpful for all of us in the analysis of the project. Last hour of the day we were sitting in the local project meetings and talked about, among other things, the arrangement of the project and how we can showcase the project at our workplace for colleagues and clients.

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