We started day five with discussion about how we act when we hear someone discriminate against someone else and if it differs between children and adults. Further we talked about how one could act if one ends up in a situation when someone is discriminated against.

We entered a reflective conversation about whether and if so, how we treat children as we ascribe to a girl or a boy different, even children as we ascribe different functional variations, non-white and of different ages. After the break we analyzed and we held a dialogue about the different pictures that showed stereotypical images with attributes symbolizing people from various parts of the world. We came in on what images, books and toys conveys the norm and social image of our children in preschools. Even what our apps on tablets mediate in the form of images, voices and more.

We at Bosgårdens educational unit talked a lot about language and how we advocate the use of language, tone of voice and body. It would be interesting to study how we sound in the tone when we advocate with the children in our preschool, especially when we are talking to boys and girls and if it differs. There could be another perspective to work with to develop our skills and change our attitudes in work with the children. Even the outdoor environment was given a new perspective when we talked about how we could work norm breaking. Would be interesting to dialogue about this in the workplace.

As the final part of the training with Pom we did an evaluation of the training week. We talked about the three things that we have not thought of before training and three things that one will take from education.

In our last project meeting all countries wrote down all the questions they had come up with during this week. Questions for the questionnaire for the parent evaluation and the questionnaire for the staff at the preschool. These were put up on the wall and everyone got to vote individually.

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