Activity about gender, gender expression and gender identity-Italian Team – 2



  • To prevent stereotypes in our Nursery school
  • To reflect about our Nursery environment to offer various opportunities

Participants:  8 children between 2 and 3 years old and two teachers




We decided to try out an activity that involve costumes and accessorizes:


– we set up the space with clothes, bags, shoes, necklace, rings, hair pins, headbands hair, caps and phones, trolleys, sunglasses.


– Children can decide what kind of accessorizes choose and what clothes wear


– they  try a lot of thing, changing their costumes many times


– they do a long action-research




Children try out the materials but their final choice it was always on the society’s canon that media and our culture have.

We thought that our attitude was oriented to reach the boys who chose “girly things” and the girls who chose “masculine things” even if things like this are product of our common imaginary, of our tradition and society.


We’d like to try out another step: we want purpose only “girly thing” or only “ masculine thing” and see what happen, if children reaction is the same, if they have some uncertainties or fears; because if we let them free to choice they choose follow their “gender roles”.



Photos, pictures, writing, exposed in our showcase.


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