Activity about gender, gender expression and gender identity-Italian Team – 1



  • To promote discussion about the topic in children’s group by a game
  • To prevent stereotypes from childhood by this message “all the people do to make all the jobs”
  • To reflect about our school environment by this message “all the children can play with dolls, cars…”

Participants:  children 5/6 years old – 3 teachers


Two teacher proposed  the activity to each children’s group shaped of 10 children, one teacher documented the activity.

A teacher introduced a game: ”Job’s memory”, each couple of cards are a picture with a person (men and women) who make a job, for example truck driver, construction worker, teacher, medical doctor, plumber…

Children played this game and after reflected together.


The teachers facilitated dialogue between the children, the discussion started with children’s sentences and questions for example:

“I never see a plumber woman”

“I never see a homemaker man…”

The teachers made a question:

“Is it possible, for you, to have a plumber woman like this picture?”

All the children answered “Yes!!!”

After we reflected about school, all the children said that all can play with all the toys and all can be included in all the games.

It’s very important for teachers’ group to propose experience like this to prevent stereotypes.

Also other children will play with this memory to transmit these concepts.


Photos, pictures, writing, exposed in our showcase.


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