Activity that we tried out from each other – 2






4 children; 2-3 year old, 2 boys and 2 girls




We placed all the cutout of clothes on a table, then we asked to the children to choose the cutout of the body and the clothes that they’d like to put on.

They were free to choose whatever they want.

In some case they decided to change their mind and took other clothes, they tried different outfit.

After that, when every child was satisfy of their work, we took the glue and stuck the clothes on the cutout.




Children looked very happy to do this activity, because they could try different outfit and create their own cutout doll.

As educators we liked how children took their decision and how they changed their mind.

They were creative, in fact they decided to use a necklace like a belt, or a papillon like a decoration for a skirt.

Someone put different layers of clothes: a t-shirt, a shirt, a dress, trousers, bags, necklace and more, because his mom uses to dress him like this.

Someone decided to use only one color, someone else made a collage of things.

It’s been interesting and very useful to have an idea of what children like or how children see the body.

We think that we could improve this activity using bigger cutout, maybe in plywood or cardboard, and use real clothes or cutout of fabric and cloth.

It’s a good idea also to work on identity and the knowledges of human body.


We discuss a lot on this activity because children are little and they don’t have the gender identify on something out of them self, so maybe in the choice of colors they choose something different for this reason. We could try to improve the activity in various way to define what is congenial for us.


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