Fredrikstad: an Italian diary

Sunday, 2nd of April 2017


We arrived in Fredrikstad on 2nd of April 2017 at 6,30 p.m. and we were very very tired because our trip started at 7 in the morning from Imola.

The first evening we met Estonian group and Christina Anderson and we made arrangment for the next day.


In the evening we seeked restaurant, so we walked and visited a small part of promenade of Fredrikstad.



Monday, 3rd of April 2017


On Monday we met the other partners and together we went to the Council House and met the Fredrikstad’s Major who bring us the greetings of the city and Mrs Kjersti Johamsem presented us the scholastic Norwegian frame plan.

We started to work and after  we voted the best activities ….. our activity won !!!!!!

Every partner  proposed some changes and  new ideas to improve each activity manner that the children will answer as you want them to.

Remember to give open questions that create reflection together with the children.

Every country presented their activity on „Criteria 2“, we discussed and reflected about children’s rights to choose how to partecipate in these experiences.

We had lunch and after that we made a walk to City Hotel to meet Mikael Bjerkeli and Tone Maria Hansen, rispectly co-founder and sociologist in HBRS, an association that takes care of people borned  with mismatch  between body and gender identity.

They held a lecture about children and adolescents with gender identities and gender dysphoria in Norway and showed us a very interesting video that all of us asked them to send it to show our colleagues because the subject was very clear.

After the lecture, we discussed  between  us and together  about this topic and how to work with this teme in our Preschool.

In the evening we had a beautiful dinner in Brødrene Skogen, a tipical restaurant in the seashore.  In this occasion we had a little bit of relax together, to talk about our hobbies, goals, families, interesting and to eat wonderful food .

Tuesday ,  4th of April 2017


Norwegian teachers accompanied us in a mysterious wood with a lot of Trolls!!!! We was very surprised, we watched a little nice children’s representation.

After, we visited their Preschool, the first of  three  Gråtassbarnehage’s department.



In the School athmosphere was very relaxed, each room was very simple and orderly, children played in little groups in various corners.

Each group is about twenty children with 4/5 adults, it depending by children’s age: 1-3 / 3-6 year.

We moved about those situations:

  • children slept outdoor, it not depending by weather, each school hasn’t specific rooms to sleep;
  • outdoor spaces in the school offer to children various oppotunities to explore and move, to climb and to walk between natural obstacles.
  • oudoor materials are very good, children spend a lot of time outdoor with fine and bed weather, too;
  • children eat outoor bread and drink chocolate cooked in a fire in the garden;
  • in each room there are a space in the wall with informations about the project „Let the children change the world“, we liked it very much.


Weh ad lunch in the bigger school, norvegian teacher showed a little representation about good  sanitary routines.


In the evening, we visited Old Fortified Town in a guided tour, we had dinner in a tipical restaurant „Cafè Magenta“


Wednesday 5th April


In the morning we listened an interestesting lecture by Charlotte, she presented her research about „children and sexuality“ that she wrote in her Thesis, after we discussed and reflected together.

All groups were very interested about this topic, to talk in each preschool at home too.

Weh had lunch, in the afternoon we worked about Criteria 3 and we scheduled Period 3 with variouses activities from the beginning in Norway to the next Meeting in Poland in October!

…We will have a big work!


Bye Bye Norway !!!!!!!


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