Activity 2 – Period 3 – Seahorse: a special father

Activity 2 about PERIOD 3




  • To promote discussion about the topic in children’s group
  • To prevent stereotypes from childhood
  • To see various families by lectures and pictures


Participants:  one group of  8 children 5 year, 2 teachers



Teachers proposed a lecture about the hippocampus and other fish that the father takes care of the  eggs by the opened, this activity can be propose with lectures, videos or pictures about others animals ( eg penguin) that have the same behavior.

Children listen the lecture, after they discuss about it:

“ Seahorse see how born other fish….”

“I like this lecture because the little hippocampus leaves from father’s abdomen!…”

“I like the fish that the father hold back the little eggs inside his mouth!…”

“I like the fish that the father hold back the little eggs on his head!…”

We reflect together about  various kind and roles (in a family all the adults can take care of their children).

We conclude the activity by a graphic representation about the experience.



Children love the animals and they are very interested to discover the life of various species, included the little pets’ care.

The animal word is very useful to propose activity about the topics of period 3, by a brief research we see a lot of various families’ examples and a lot of prompt to remove stereotypes about gender roles.



Photos, children’s pictures, writing, exposed in our showcase and in the school rooms’.




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