Activity 1 – Period 3 – Stylized Pictures

Activity about PERIOD 3



We observed  in workgroup the picture that we saw in a door in Norway to summarize work and reflect about  the Period 3 of our Project.

Stylized pictures communicate in the same way to children and adults, especially  to transmit the topics of Period 3; our workgroup decided to analyze those symbols in children’s mind.



  • To promote discussion about the topic in children’s group by a game
  • To prevent stereotypes from childhood
  • To realize a poster with rainbow’s colors to reflect about human rights and peace


Participants:  one group of  11 children 6 year / one  group of  7 children 5 year – 2 teachers



Teachers proposed  to complete a stylized pictures to children, “picture’s gender” wasn’t specified.

For the first, children choose to connote the face, they decided to attribute feminine gender to pictures with skirt and masculine gender to pictures with trousers

After, in reflection time, children talk about all the people can wear with skirt, trousers…

Instead, the colors’ choice for the dresses confirmed that we saw in other activities with dresses: children haven’t strong stereotypes and they choose dresses’ colors by their tastes.

Only three children used pink color for feminine dresses.



Our reflection about gender identity and expression and sexual orientation in pictures, dresses, jobs, hobbies, sports….we  help  to organize an educational environment that allow  the research and expression in each personality without classifications and stereotypes, in school and in our society.



Photos, pictures, writing, exposed in our showcase. Children used stylized pictures to create a big poster with rainbow’s colors to reflect about  human rights and peace.




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