Stanin – An Italian Diary

Sunday 15th October 2017


After a long journey with two flight, baggage and food we arrived in Warsaw at 4.30 pm.

We waited for each delegation and we greeting each other, than we took a bus that brought us to the hotel after two hours; during the trip we talked and saw the countryside outside the window. It was similar to our plain except for the houses that were various and had a really different look.

Once we arrived in the hotel we had dinner all together and than we went to bed in our rooms that were really comfortable.


Monday 16th October 2017


In the morning we went to the nursery school that is a really new service in the town and it’s open only from six months. It’s a very nice place, the setting has peaceful colours and the rooms are tidy-up, warm and welcoming.

After this visit we went to the municipal of Stanin where we had a welcome from the mayor and a short presentation of the city; so we went to the school and we had really good time with children’s presentation of school with songs and dances.

It’s been awesome and we felt like we were at home!

We had lunch in school and we presented our working progress of last period, than we went to the library to take part at celebration for the National day of Education and we had a buffet.

Polish delegation also introduce us to the community and give us a rose for each one J


We had some time to reflect together and to take a walk around the hotel before dinner. We talked about our feelings and emotions on the morning and it’s been really useful speak up and relax together.




Tuesday 17th October 2017


In the morning we had two intense lectures about age and disability that are the topics of this period.

The first workshop was by Karolina Kalisz “Promoting diversity and equality in educational practices by raising awareness of age and disability discrimination”, the second was by Agnieszka Pasnikowska “Forms of therapy used in various dysfunctions- sensory therapy sensory art, bilateral therapy, audiological training, speech therapy…

It’s been really interesting and we had time to prove on us some situation with obstacles that some people had to figured out every single day. After the lectures we talked about the action plan for the period and we had reflection together.


In the evening we went at school for a very special dinner with all polish teacher.

It’s been amazing! We dance, talk, eat (a lot) and we did the school’s tour. During the visit we saw some classroom like “languages” room where children with special need and every one could go to make some linguistic exercises or the gym that has many tools and instruments to work with. We saw that even if the structures was really old, materials, toys and furniture were well ordered and kept in a very good way: for example some old desks were repaint with pastel colours and the visual impact was good.



Wednesday 18th October 2017


We had the most incredible experience of all the meeting, we went to the invisible exhibition and we can’t tell almost anything to avoid to ruin the surprise in case someone want to go there, but we can say that is extraordinary. We went in this kind of dark room and we can’t see anything, was complete dark all around and we had a guide that talked to us and said us where we had to go or what we had to touch. Intense and amazing, only these words can explain the feelings of that moment and they aren’t enough.


After that we had about two hours of free time in Warsaw and took a look around, we think that is a lovely city and we’d like stay more in it, but we had a flight to take and a lot of work to do, so we had to come back.


Our flight from Warsaw to Frankfurt was delay and we lost the coincidence for Bologna. We took the flight on Thursday morning. It was a very big adventure!!


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