Activity about Age and Disability- Italian Team Best Practice 1 – Disability “In the Valentina’s Roles”

This year in our Preschool we are a deaf child, her name is Valentina, she’s 3 years.

The experience called “in the Valentina’s roles”, we asked to the children “What happens if we don’t hear?”




VARIOUS OBJECT TO IDENTIFY (a yellow color’s bottle, a paint brush, a pasta’s packet, a dish, scotch, a book)


-to create an inclusive environment

-to develop empathy by to try difficulty of disabled person


Teachers explained the activity: children put on ears tops and without hearing they tried to predict one thing on the table.

This situation was particular, so the teacher asked to the children if they were unembarrassed to participate.  Children say “yes”, they confided in the teacher.

Teacher put on the table any objects, children have to take one of those without hearing (tops in the ears and verbal indication in a low voice).

FIRST GROUP: Alessandro (4 years), Riccardo (5 years), Alice (5 years), Caterina (4 years)

SECOND GROUP: Leonardo (4 years), Maria Antonia (4 years), Gabriele (5 years), Maria Giulia (4 years)

Teacher said to each child in a low voice:

 “Take yellow color”

“Take the dish”

“Take the brush”

“Take the marker”

All the children needed 2/3 attempts from the teacher, in the begin they were confused and in difficulty to understand what teacher said.

In the end of experience, teachers asked to the children what they felt:

I don’t listen and I don’t understand, I’m not happy!” (Alessandro, 4 years)

“I’m listen anything…but after I understand because the word “yellow” it’s simple…I see your face and I understand…but if the word was more complicated it can  be very hard….” (Riccardo, 5 years)

“I was a little sad because I not understood…” (Caterina, 4 years)

“I was happy because it was a play…” (Alice, 5 years)

“I feel good when I understood…in the beginning I not understood your words…” (Maria Giulia, 4 years)

“I liked to put the tops, I’m not happy when I not understood the words, I’m very happy when I understood…” (Gabriele, 5 years)

“I’m happy when I understood ,I’m not happy when you talk with a low voice…” (Leonardo, 4 years)

In the end, the teacher  talk about what feel a person without hearing.

Children know their friend Valentina, we talk about her device to hear. When she sleep it’s important to remove this device because it’s not important to hear and the device can be broken.


This is an example of experiences we can be propose respectively the topic of period: we can organize route without see, movement’s play without a leg or an arm…There can be experiences to feel that we live a person with difficulty, to comprehend the needs but to study strategies to exit from critical situation.


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