Activity about Age and Disability – Italian Team – Best Practice 2 – Age “When the Little Helps Biggest”

Campanella Nursery and Preschool hold children from 0 to 6 years, frequently we have experiences together with little and older children.

Often the biggest helps the little, by this experiences we would turn this prospective with a proposal where the littles are the experts and they teach something to older children.

PARTECIPANTS: 15 children 2 years and 4 children 5 years, 5 teachers




-to create an inclusive environment

-to promote experiences that enhance the young’s competences to older children

– to promote empathy and solidarity


Younger children sat in the lecture’s corner with the teacher ready to read the book “A caccia dell’orso”, older children sat near the youngest, the teacher asked them to say their names and she aided the children that weren’t at easy to talk.

The “singing lecture” of the book started, youngest knew the story because each day teacher reads this book, so they could teach to the older.

In the beginning some children weren’t at easy because the group was big and some children and adults weren’t familiar, after all the group participated actively.

After the lecture children went in front of the screen for watched the video of the book “A caccia dell’orso” to knew mainly the story and the oldest children. It was an occasion to relax and create an environment called “Littles Cinema”. A group of  youngest showed to oldest some ballets of the story.

The biggest integrated in the group painted the story with the youngest to gave them a gift.

All the group worked for long time, then biggest children asked to play with youngest toys, they was curious and respectful.

In the paint we observed imitation from the youngest, they copied pictures from the biggest.



This experiences is an example of the proposals about “age” in a preschool’s environment.

In this case we overturned the prospective where “the biggest helps the youngest” and we observed that increase self-confidences in youngest that showed to know “something that the biggest don’t know”, so the biggest can observe the youngest can transmit competences in a nice way and in a good environment.

We will repeat this experiences by other stories and materials.


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