Mölndal – Last meeting: an Italian diary

Sunday, 6th May


As usual, we departed by Bologna on Sunday and we started the meeting on Monday morning.

We were excited because it would have been the last time all together and then, after we set up all the documents, this amazing experience will be over.



Monday, 7th May

On Monday morning we went to Mölndal’s city hall where Naomi Jonas and the operation manager started up the final transnational meeting. After that, we begun the presentation of our works with the item of the period 4: age and functional variation. It’s always really interesting see what other countries have done because it’s a really good point to make a reflection, to take and give some advices to keep doing it better and better. Then, we voted for the best practices, made the final changes and decided which teaching we would like to include into the method guide.



After all this we had lunch all together and we went to visit the public library of the city. The library was just been reorganized and there was a huge structure where children can climb on, a room dedicated to special needs and one which was a kind of “agorà” where kids can listen to stories or have some lessons with expert. The entire library was full of soundproofing panel of various shapes and dimensions, but the most interesting had the shape of flowers or cloud and were part of the design and help to keep the setting beauty and give a sense of calm all around.



At 3 p.m. we had one of the best experience ever. We went to Prison Island, that is a place where you try to solve a lot of games in which you have to cooperate with your team to make it. So, we went divide in various team with every partner was from different country and then we started. We could choose which room we want to try, some of them were more physical, other had some riddle, or sequences to guess and then solve, or you had to find out clues. At the end of the activity we were exhaust but really happy and full of positivity. We reflect a lot about all of this together and we thought that it would be nice try to make an easier version of this game for children.


Tuesday, 8th May

On Tuesday morning we had the focus group about the evaluation of period 4, in which we discuss about what was easy or hard, what could be better, our feeling and knowledges and how to keep all this works active and positive. Than we talk about our assignment as countries: dissemination, international website and questionnaire. We talked a lot about how to improve all these things and how to continue to spread it

In the afternoon we went to Göteborg and we sail on a huge boat to make a trip around the arcipelago. It was been the most perfect way to finish the Erasmus Plus adventure. We had an amazing buffet with fresh fish and crustacean, sauces and cheeses, and than the staff member on board sing and dance and we done the same. It’s been wonderful.


Wednesday, 9th May

On Wednesday we summarize the project and we talked together about our expectation and outcome and we reflect about the future. Then, we discuss about the method guide and the final improvement to make and about the upcoming deadlines.


After that we take a group picture in front of the flag in Mölndal’s city hall and we had the last lunch together.

It was already time to say goodbye. We were a little sad because this experience it was been such a chance to open up our mind, to reflect, to improve and to try to get better and better and better again that we don’t want it to be over, despite the effort and the deadline and all the things that we had to do until this moment.

We promised each other to keep in touch for advices and greetings and whatever.


We’re sure that all this could really help us to LET THE CHILDREN CHANGE THE WORLD.


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