Italy – Campanella, Imola

Imola is a town of about 70.000 inhabitants , located in Emilia-Romagna region , near the city of Bologna .

The Municipality of Imola manages 8 municipal preschools, which account for about 605 children and also manages six nursery schools  that host about 400 children aged from 5 to 36 months.

The municipal Campanella preschool includes four sections organized in mixed age groups  (3-4-5 years); a total of 104 children attend this school, 8 teachers and 6 collaborators work there.

The municipal Campanella nursery includes three classes with children aged between nine and thirty-six months, our staff is composed of nine educators (three for each classe) and three auxiliary figures, one of whom is a cook who prepares meals for all of us every day.

The work group has a meeting or a training every week also with colleagues from others nursery and preschools.

Our pedagogical project aims to improve the wellness of kids that attend our school and to support the families in their educative function offering them a context external to family life, to which they can entrust their children with confidence. We try to promote and spread a childhood culture deeply-rooted in the community to increase our experiences and strengthen mutual trust with families.

To do this we have some focal points:

  • Expecially in the nursery school, the methodology of the reference figure consists in the fact that each educator takes care specifically of a small subgroup of children; in this way we can know each child in depth and respond adequately to their needs and we can create a trusting relationship that allows the child to be more confidente in the set.
  • From 0 to 6 years, the heterogeneous class allows for a greater opportunity by creating relational exchanges, so we can see cooperative learning and tutoring, moreover at the end of the school year a part of the group remains and is ready to welcome new friends and transmit habits and rules of the group.
  • Our buildings are surrounded by a large park where outdoor education is traditionally carried out as it is part of the educational program. In this scholastic year we have been very committed in training and working with the children in the context of outdoor education, in collaboration with the Department of Education of the University of Bologna. The outdoor education is essential because, thanks to this methodology, we can see a lot of shades in children’s creativity and imagination and it is a good way to respect their right to the wild. There are so many things that we can do with children, outdoor in fact we can organize some activities or let them try what they want and see what happens. We ask the participation of the families in this project: in fact we ask them to bring a pair of rubber boots to school which then allows us to go out in fall and winter when there is mud on the ground.
  • The presence of children from 0 to 6 years in the same building allows us to do activities involving children of both schools, in this way we can make better continuity between the two school levels and create good opportunities for relational exchanges between children of very different ages.

Finally, we believe that child need three own time to do everything and we always have to respect this. We have to give trust and support to children because in this way they can trust and support themselves.

For our nursery and preschools the themes of infant rights : all the schools in Imola organize meetings or initiatives during the world journey of infant rights, 20th November, also with parent’s collaboration.