Discrimination is a violation of law and human rights in all of our countries and is a criminal act. The number of assaults, based on all the grounds of discrimination, is high in most European countries. Some of them hold no statistics on so called “hate crime”, while others present statistics on one or several motives. By hate crime we mean that a person is victimized because of their real or perceived ethnic background, race, skin color or nationality, religious belief, sexual orientation or transgender identity or expression, or for being perceived as representing such a group of people. Although there might be disagreements concerning what should be included in the term hate crime, there is international consensus that these types of incidents are a result of lack of respect for human rights and peoples’ equal value.

According to the out countries Discrimination Laws, the schools and preschools are obliged to work preventive to combat discrimination.

The needs (expressed by all the partners) to be addressed in this project are:

  • to develop the staff members’ knowledge and skills in the area
  • to develop teaching methods adapted to small children
  • to create learning environments that promote inclusion and respect for human rights
  • to develop methods for including families in this work
  • to achieve goals in national curricula for preschool education
  • to actively work with values
  • to treat all parents, regardless of their background, in a respectful manner
  • to raise our children’s awareness of variety in our societes

Our project is mainly teacher oriented, although children of the participating preschools’ will be directly involved in the local project activities.


  • to create educational environments in the preschools (facilities, materials, teaching methods etc.) that promote every individual’s human rights, regardless ethnic background, race, skin color or nationality, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender, disabilities or age
  • to increase the children’s acceptance for variety and respect for human rights
  • to increase the teachers’ self-confidence concerning teaching children within the theme of the project
  • to increase teachers’ teaching skills concerning the theme of the project
  • to equip teachers with useful tools to address and manage the different situations of not acceptance based on all the grounds of discrimination
  • to increase parents’ participation in activities connected to the project topic

With this project, we want to make a real difference, in the short run in our own preschools, and in the long run in Europe. We want to contribute to a decrease of discrimination in our societies, by directing our attention to small children, to how we teach and how they learn, to examine our attitudes and our education environments.