Norway – Gråtass Barnehage as, Fredrikstad

Gråtass Barnehage AS is a preschool/ kindergarten located in southeast of Norway. In our school, we are 42 teachers and assistant and 180 children, distributed in three premises in three different location. Our scope of work is rooted in the Norwegian frameworkplan for kindergartens. The frameworkplan describes how our pedagogic work with the children can be structured. The Kindergarten shall, in collaboration and close understanding with the home, safeguard the children’s need for care and play, and promote learning and formation as a basis for an all-round development. The Kindergarten shall be based on fundamental values in the Christian and humanist heritage and tradition, such as respect for human dignity and nature, on intellectual freedom, charity, forgiveness, equality and solidarity, values that also appear in different religions and beliefs and are rooted in human rights.

The children shall be able to develop their creative zest, sense of wonder and need to investigate. They shall learn to take care of themselves, each other and nature. The children shall develop basic knowledge and skills. They shall have the right to participate in accordance with their age and abilities. The Kindergartens shall meet the children with trust and respect, and acknowledge the intrinsic value of childhood. They shall contribute to well-being and joy in play and learning, and shall be a challenging and safe place for community life and friendship. The Kindergarten shall promote democracy and equality and counteract all forms of discrimination.