Poland – Zespol Szkol, Stanin

Kindergarten in Stanin, Poland is a part of Complex of Schools ( Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Schools). It is situated in the East of Poland. There are children from the nearest villages.

Whole institution  is the biggest one in our area, however in our kindergarten we have about 90 children at the age of 3-6. They are divided into 4 groups in terms of age. We have children with special educational needs and teachers with special qualifications (a speech therapy teacher, a school pedagogue, supporting workers).


  • Our aim is to ensure that every child will be well prepared for a good school and that he/she will be doing well in the school.
  • We encourage children to mutual cooperation in study activities. In addition to teaching new knowledge we also develop humanity and communication skills of the children.
  • We provide a safe atmosphere with the necessary tools to develop and satisfy the individual needs and interests of our children.


The time spent at kindergarten is filled with fun, various kinds of activities and attractions for children. What is more, they have musical and art activities. Children participate in English and RE classes.

We organize various events for our children:
– Theatre, music, clowns, and magic shows
– Visits of special guests including veterinarian, policeman, fireman, and nurse
– Visit by Santa Claus
– Carnival Ball
– Children’s Day
– Family Picnic   and many more …
Parents are encouraged to participate with preschoolers in the following special events:
– Nativity play and Christmas holiday celebration
– Grandparents Day
– Mother’s and Father’s Day


Pedagogical staff

The teaching staff in our kindergartens is a team of young, creative, qualified and female teachers. They help and look after all the pupils.  They have great knowledge and experience in the field of preschool education. They employ the latest work concepts, which guarantee the highest level of education and upbringing.