Sweden – Bosgårdens pedagogiska enhet, Mölndal

Our unit consists of three preschools with about 250 children and 50 adults divided into 13 groups. There are two preschool teachers and a childcarer in each group responsible for education. We have divided the age groups into 1-3 years and 3-6 years. The Swedish preschool curriculum and the swedish laws of education are the basis of our daily work. On Bosgårdens educational unit, we work with the tale as a basis for learning. Play and learning are woven together. To ensure that we work systematically with our curriculum we have created an educational wheel which is divided into four different areas; math, language, social/emotional and science/environment/technology. European key competences is also woven together in our activities at the preschool.

In our everday work we work with multilingualism. We have about 30 different languages ​​spoken among the children. Our unit is also LGBT-certified, a literature preschool, and a green flag-preschool which means that we continuously work with the environment.

Bosgårdens educational unit is located in Mölndal, Västra Götaland, about 20 kilometers outside central Gothenburg.